måndag, juni 14, 2010


Kolla in detta, en RAK-present från KnitterMarie. 4 hg härlig mysig ull,och en Ashford bottentyngd slända. Jag säger bara en sak: Tusen tack!! Och en annan sak, om ni någongång skall gå med i en RAK-grupp, välj en där KnitterMarie är med för hon är så vansinnigt snäll och generös.

3 kommentarer:

Prizillas pastiller sa...

åh vännen, visst är det härligt med gåvor. Har du testat alpackaull?

Jemajo sa...

That was a great gift to get - the colours are like a beautiful autumn day :D
Is spinning difficult to learn and is it hard on wrists and fingers?
I'd love to try it but I don't know if I could make yarn fine enough for a machine to use.
I look forward to seeing what you make with your home spun yarn.

Surtanten sa...

The first step in spinning, making a yarn is not difficult, (I can do it). But I belive it is much more difficult to be a good spinner, with total control, who can make a even yarn with exactly the wanted thickness, and use any fiber they want. And I don't think I ever will be a good spinner.
But I can make a yarn which runs through my standard knitting machine :-)
Spinning involves a lot of pinching, but not so many other movements of the fingers and hands, that is the reason why it works for me. My hands are very weak, and I can't strech out my finger due to very weak finger stretchers (muscles). But the muscles which do the pinching works much better for me. And I use wrist supports with splints to support my wrist while I'm spinning. (Well actually I use them most of the time). I don't have any problems with my joints or any pain in my hands (and I'm grateful fot that).